Subbie is Australian slang for a subcontractor – generally in the building and construction industry.

On the website we are building a resource for subcontractors to access information about business structures, insurance, taxation and other relevant info.

To get started we’ve put together some basic information below.

Stay tuned for more information coming to very soon!

Business Structures

As a subcontractor there are few options for how you structure your business.

The majority of subbies in the building industry operate as sole traders.  This is most straightforward option, however there are other structures which we will detail later on this website.

Follow the link to visit our subcontractor business structures page.


Insurance is a big deal for subbies in the building industry.  Most will be required to have at least public liability insurance, and some will also need income protection.

Many worksites now have mandatory insurance requirements, but even ignoring this it’s still a good idea to have some level of protection when you’re a subcontractor.


One of the major things to get used to as a subbie is the fact that you now have to pay your own tax.

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has some great information on their website, and we’ll also be adding some to ours very soon.

To ease the paperwork burden during the year (especially when your BAS is due) you may want to engage the services of a bookkeeper.


Along with paying your own tax as a subbie, you also have to pay your own super.

Information about contributing to your superannuation can also be found on the ATO website, and we’ll have more information on our website soon as well.


There is plenty of good information out there for subcontractors, but the problem is that it’s scattered all over the internet.

Here are a couple of links that we think are worth checking out:

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